Sacttering of Cremated Remains,
Ashes By Air on Land or Sea Northern Central California & Nevada

Scatterings Pereformed with dignity and sensitivity

Welcome to Wing and a Prayer Scattering Service. The number one aerial ash scattering service for the San Francisco Oakland Bay Area and the one you can trust

Wing and a Prayer will fly your loved one's remains to their final resting place at one of the beautiful and special sites along the Central and Northern California Coast or over the majestic forests of the Central Sierra Mountains in Nevada. By far most people choose to have us, spread ashes by air, beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. It's spectacular beauty and easy access for future memorial visits makes it one of the most popular choices.

All scatterings are performed with dignity and sensitivity.

It is our desire to provide you with the piece of mind that only comes by knowing that you have done the very best to carry your loved one to their final resting place. Whether it be across the mountains or a burial at sea, our goal is to perform all scatterings in a dignified manner with the compassion you deserve.

Wing and a Prayer Scattering Service is licensed by the State Of California certificate # CRD 384. Our facilities, records and aircraft are inspected regularly.

Wing and a Prayer Scattering Service offers, Aerial scattering of Cremated Remains, Spreading Ashes by Air, at Sea along the beautiful Northern and Central California Coast and Scattering Cremains by airplane, in the majestic Serra Nevada Mountains.


LOCATIONS are: off the Coast of Mendocino, Sonoma, Sonoma and Marin Counties, Golden Gate Bridge, Pigeon Point Light House, San Mateo and Monterey Counties as well as the Northern California and the Sierra Mountains. Special locations by request. We are affiliated with others and can arrange scattering services in Southern California, Oregon,, Hawaii, etc...

Mountain Scattering

- North Of Lake Tahoe
- South of Lake Tahoe
- Eastern Slope of the Sierras

Ocean Scattering

- Pigeon point Lighthouse
- Monterey Coast
- Jenner, Sonoma County Coast


- Pigeon point Lighthouse
- Monterey Coast
- Jenner, Sonoma County Coast


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